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Love the life you the life you love!

My Great grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Maynard Martin...

5 decades ago at the top of the Broadmoor overlooking the South Side of Colorado Springs where they owned a home.

As personal chefs they worked for several elite ground breakers in Colorado.

My grandparents were family orientated & believed in working hard which is evident by their deep passion for hospitality. To say the least my great grandparents were loving, caring, kind, hospitable people that were always serving others with pure hearts, eager to share their God-given gifts.

As we head into the holiday season make it a point to share the great attributes that were given to you by previous generations. Remember those who are gone with admiration & most important love the ones who are still here, cherish the time you have together!

Make memories that will motivate future generations!

I am proud of all the "hard work & dedication" that my fore-fathers & mothers put in. It's their tenacity that enables us to do what we do today!

Thank you Fat Daddy & Granny!


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