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"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the delicious Greek chicken on Monday. My husband and my 20-year-old son visited me for lunch that day, and we all loved it! Thanks so much for all your hard work—and for giving us such great service and great food in the café! " 

Lisa B.



"...what is most impressive about your work is not related to food – it is you. Regardless of the situation (short notice, stress, resource issues), you are always diligent and kind. I believe you care about me, my coworkers, and even my family, because you always take the time to ask... you are the kind of rare employee who is rock solid – a leader who adds value far beyond the day-to-day. I hope your company sees this and ensures you are placed in the right leadership position(s). Investment in you is investment in the company. One of the main reasons I eat in the cafeteria is because of your customer service." 

Brian E.

Interactive Art Director




"Danon I can't thank you enough for the great meals that were prepared today for the group and our guests. Everyone really enjoyed lunch and all the sweet stuff!"


Chriscynethia F.


"Danon, what a wonderfully delicious soup! You hit it out of the park again!! Thanks so much for all that you do for us here!"



"Can I just say that the beans last weekend were off the chain amazing!"

Corrinne H.

Your food is always good D! I never take it for granted.


Grad party success-

We had the pleasure of having Danon cook for our daughters graduation party. To say the food was amazing is an understatement. We literally had everyone raving about how good the food was. If that wasn't enough he completely cleaned up everything afterwards, including our outdoor area and our entire kitchen, who does that?? I'm looking forward to our next large party just so I can try some other food that he offers. I recommend him for any gathering small or large. He hands down made the party so much better, thank you Danon!

"This was SO good! The potatoes and gravy were SO delicious that I almost licked my plate:). " 





"Danon, you really hit it out of the park with your lentil and sausage soup! Unbelievably wonderful. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us." 

Susan T.




"My name is Nora and I am writing this because I miss Chef Danon Gale. I moved to Houston,Texas in January, and besides my family and friends, one of the things I miss most is Danons delectable delights!


Danon always delivered mouth watering food at more than fair prices. You could actually taste the pride he has in his food. His presentation and cleanliness have always been a plus.

When I come home for Christmas, I have to see my family, I have to see my friends... and
I HAVE to get one of Danons cheesesteaks; they are to die for."



"The grilled salad was as good as it looked. It received rave reviews from everyone in my family! Thanks for another great meal! We truley appreciate you!


"With very little input from us, Danon planned and executed the perfect meal for our event! The food was fantastic, the presentation — highly professional. Everything exceeded our highest expectations. Thanks Danon!"

Chris and Sharon Lujan



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