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Chef Danon Gale



I am a Colorado native with over 30 years of experience working in the hospitality industry—from the "back of the house, to the front". For me, the art of cooking is an extreme passion deeply rooted in family history…so it was no surprise when I turned to Culinary Arts as a profession and discovered my passion. I come from several generations of quality unforgettable chefs. While my service and approach are very "forward looking" in regard to nutritional value and convenience, my respect for my past, my family history and the value of good, old-fashioned, home cooking are honored in the photos to the right as well as my Blog (here).


My sincere dedication in providing the best meal possible is reflected in every bite, although hospitality and guest satisfaction are just as important. I have been an opener for multiple restaurants (including ESPN Zone), active in restaurant management (Carrabba's Italian Grill), and have successfully trained staff in many areas of the hospitality industry. My expertise and dedication have allowed me to travel to different countries as a personal chef. I have traveled worldwide developing strict nutritional menus and preparing meals for professional athletes. Notable opportunities included planning and preparing meals for Olympic medal athletes, a former two-division world boxing champion, and a four-time world heavy-weight boxing champion of the world.


In many ways, the hospitality industry has lost its true nature and mission. We are here to serve...not be served! My passion is three-fold ...


  1. It’s about the food — combining just the right flavors and textures to create an exceptional meal.

  2. It’s about nourishing the body — thereby fueling the mind and soul.

  3. It’s about the service — playing an integral role in one of life’s most fundamental experiences.


Give me a call! I welcome the opportunity to share my passion with you.


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